"Life Behind Bars" Volume One

This book was made to raise awareness of the ever-growing extinction of wild animals, educate humans on conservation and preservation of their natural habitat, support the sanctuaries and natural resources that ensure a high quality of life for future generations and promote the conservation of our natural resources.


 "Visions of the World" 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

Our mission is to raise awareness, change perceptions, educate and support those who need representation and to the ensure a higher quality of life for future generations. 


Julian Starks's Mission:

"My dream, thus mission in life, is to travel around the world and photograph beautiful people, animals, events and destinations. As I explore, discover and photograph these rich, hidden treasures of the world, I will bring my vision, unique voice and energy to photographs that bring the world beauties for all to imagine, dream and acquire." Julian Starks - 2018