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A portion of the proceeds from the "LIFE Behind Bars" Vol I book sales and all associated merchandise

will go directly to the institutions where the animals were photographed.​

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Julian’s work gives us a chance to look deeply and to sympathize with captive animals. His work should both captivate and haunt us.

As stewards of this planet, we have an obligation to accept Julian’s invitation to have this experience. By so doing, we can hear these magnificent animals and give voice in our language to creatures that cannot speak it. We can all become wildlife advocates.

 Benjamin Monarch, Wildlife Attorney


Where your Donations Go


VISIONS OF THE WORLD Inc. has announced its partnership with the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Photographer/Filmmaker Julian Starks founded what became Visions of the World Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit company

that promotes equality and respect for all animals. “Our first project, LIFE BEHIND BARS Vol  I is the most comprehensive photographic study to date of exotic and endangered animals and the necessity of their being kept in captivity for their own protection, and that of their species” declares Julian Starks.


When creating LIFE Behind Bars Vol I, I realized the importance of the thankless work done by the wild animal sanctuaries and conservations groups to save species and how crucial it is for me to give back and support their efforts to protect and preserve creatures close to extinction.


Our collaboration with PETA BUSINESS FRIENDS allows VISIONS OF THE WORLD to share a portion of the proceeds from LIFE BEHIND BARS with an organization that is committed to fighting for the rights of all animals.


Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds of LIFE Behind Bars Vol I book sales and associated merchandise will also go directly to the institutions where the animals were photographed, as well.​





Using his unique vision, voice and energy, Photographer Julian Starks explored, discovered and recorded hundreds of animals in captivity over a two-year period. His new series of fine art photography books tracks the many species living near extinction to share their plight with the world.


Some of these wild animals have only known life in captivity. Others have been rescued from terrible abusive situations. Regardless of the individual stories, the winsomeness is here for all to see, marvel, and empathize with. We hope you will be inspired to action as Julian was.