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Who would win this fight?

It is a close call, but the polar bear is generally considered the largest bear on Earth. A close second is the brown bear, specifically the Kodiak bear. The Kodiak is a subspecies of the brown bear native to Alaska.

The following data, taken from Gary Brown’s Great Bear Almanac (New York, 1993), compares the average measurements of the brown and polar bear.

Source: The Great Bear Almanac by Gary Brown

Published: 11/19/2019. Author: Science Reference Section, Library of Congress


Another Source for Bear Research and Management


The IBA aims to understand the world’s 8 bear species through scientific research and collaboration with communities, conservationists, managers, researchers, and students across the globe.


The International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA) is a non-profit tax-exempt organization open to professional biologists, wildlife managers and others dedicated to the conservation of all bear species. The organization has 550+ members from over 60 countries. It supports the scientific management of bears through research and distribution of information.

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