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Alaskan Brown Bear


“Few things compare to standing in the presence of a large, wild Alaskan Brown Bear. Several years ago, while standing on the bank of the Kanektok River in Alaska with a fly rod in hand, I felt that ancient sixth sense, imbedded in all species, come alive. It’s the sudden and unexpected tingle on the back of your neck that makes you realize, without any other sensory explanation, that

you are in the presence of a predator and you may be its prey. It is a feeling that humans rarely experience these days, but on a wild Alaskan river it could only mean one thing—the presence of a Brown Bear (also known as a Grizzly when found further inland). Upon sensing the presence of this magnificent and frightening creature, I turned slowly to discover that a female bear had emerged from the willows about 50 yards away.


From training, I let out a monotone but dominate, “Whoa Bear!”; this got her attention, although there is no doubt that she had known of my presence for sometime given the incredible power of a Brown Bear's olfactory sense. For the next 30 seconds our eyes locked, it felt like an hour. I stood frozen while she considered her next move, ignore me, eat me, run from me, the decision was hers to make... and then without incident she turned and disappeared back into the deep Alaskan bush. Like a ghost she appeared and like a ghost she vanished, but there was nothing ephemeral about her existence meeting mine. It was in that

moment that I experienced all of the emotions and thoughts that come from truly experiencing raw wilderness, and it made me realize how much we need experiences like that to fully comprehend what it means to be alive and what it means to be apart of life on this Earth."


All the best,


Ben Monarch

Wildlife and Public Lands Attorney - 9/16/2019