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"WELCOME to the team PETA!!!

Our collaboration with PETA Business Friends allows Visions of the World to share a portion of the proceeds from LIFE Behind Bars Vol I with an organization that is committed to fighting for the rights of all animals.”  

Julian Starks  2018

Visions of the World Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit company founded by photographer Julian Starks that promotes equality and respect for all animals, has announced its partnership with PETA Business Friends. A portion of the sales of this book will be donated to PETA to help drive home the message that animals are not ours to exploit for entertainment.

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'Julian Starks compassionately depicts animals who can only dream of the life they may have had if not for the thoughtless and cruel behavior of humans. We hope his beautiful images will inspire people to get active in whatever ways they can to help wildlife, from boycotting circuses with animal acts to refusing to have their photos taken with tiger cubs while on vacation. From talented photographers like Julian who document animals' plight to families who take the time to educate themselves before they buy that ticket, we can all make a difference for animals." 

Christopher Merrow - PETA Fundraising Manager 

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